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Hitting the Book

“Do not enter law school if you do not want to become a lawyer.” The words of my friends that remind me of my desire of getting into law study. I came to fully understand that words when I became a law student. This thing is not for a fainthearted dreamer. I found that a day in life as a law student was hard to tell for it was not been as easy as I seem. It is a big twist to cut away my self from the customary things that I am used to do with. There are times, when thoughts are drifting to questions on why am I doing this? How to do it? When will this get over? Getting drowned to these never ending questions will only leave me dawdling. However, that idea of quitting is only the product of irresponsible mind. So how’s my freshman life in first semester? Lot of things happened during those eye-bugging nights of schoolwork, but then, funny moments are still popping out along the days of horrific experience:
FIRST MONTH – Reading 101 as the vary foundation…