By: Edmund B. Pagharion

Collecting pictures is one of my favorite hobbies. I usually bring a camera with me, whenever I go for a simple walk to familiarize myself with a new place. But there was a time when I forgot to put the camera in my bag with me. I miss the chance to take winning pictures of different stories of the lives of people living in the streets in Metro Manila. Now I’m trying to recall that experience by my making a simple drawing.

One of those, is the family living in a movable house - the wooden cart (kariton). It happened at high noon when, I noticed that the wooden cart, were being pushed by a dark and skinny man. It was loaded with junk to be sold at the shop. As I approached near the cart, I heard a girl’s joyful laughter playing with her worn-out doll inside the cart, while her parents smiled with her. Inside the cart, were the mother and two children, ages two and six. That cart served as their house. The father of that family was the only one pushing the cart over the road wearing only one slipper on his foot.

Their situation made me to ask myself think, what that event was trying to say to me. It went to show me how to be happy. Happiness is not determined by how many material things we obtain, but on how contented we are, with the things we already have. That family was not blessed of material possessions, as most of us has. Surely, they did not also choose that kind of life. It seems like they have “no choice” - but to accept it, to recognize that the adversities we experiences in life, are not permanent. We can still find good reasons to smile. Like that happy family living in the cart made of scrap, we can always celebrate happiness even for the simplest of things.


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